Transparent screens

Transparent screens are something completely new in advertising and information transfer. They enable your product and content to be presented in an exceptionally appealing and spatial way. This is an even more effective way of reaching customers and remaining in their visual awareness longer, and through doing so raising the recognition of your product and brand.

They are an innovative marketing tool which without doubt attract customer attention at points of sale, making your product stand out against traditional means of advertising – and we know that nothing arouses interest more effectively than appealing product presentation. Shopping centres, large retail outlets or multiscreen cinemas are ideal locations for product presentation on transparent screens, but the possibilities extend further. They are an ideal option for museums or various types of fairs and exhibitions, highlighting the product and focusing audience attention.

We project applications onto transparent screens so that they effectively accentuate the best features of the product without dominating the customer’s attention, which should be focussed on the product itself. We create applications which attract, engage and encourage customers to find out more, with additional use of both touch and touchless technology. The product inside the screen is exhibited and becomes the most prominent point in the visualisation, becoming a cohesive whole with the application.