Touchscreen tables

Touchscreen tables are an original solution enabling applications to be controlled by touch, and their extraordinary ease of use and visual appeal will not easily be forgotten by users. They enable unique presentation of products and services using custom interactive mechanisms. The tables can be used to display games, photos, films, 3D models, brand logos – literally any type of content which you want to present to your audience in an interesting and engaging way.

Exaity touchscreen tables are a modern and intuitive way to communicate with an audience, making them the solution of choice for conferences, fairs and other events, including in relaxation and entertainment areas. They are also used by modern bars and pubs to provide customers with entertainment. In addition, they are an ideal solution for hotels, travel agents, car showrooms and all locations where modern and effective presentation of content is a priority.

Users are drawn into the virtual world created in our applications, which provide and provoke entertainment, information, enthusiasm and involvement. Your audience will be impressed with the interactive, dynamic effects controlled by touch/motion and displayed on the table top, and the depth of communication enables direct interaction between the customer, the system and your product.