Touchless technology

Exaity offers a wide range of interactive applications developed on the basis of ready systems, including those tailored to our clients’ specific expectations. In our solutions we use both touchless technology – our core specialisation, together with touch, which never fails to arouse a high level of interest among users.

Touchless systems function naturally and intuitively, enabling users to become immersed in the virtual world. These solutions use infrared sensors and technology to control the application using movement and gestures, without the need to use a controller, and precisely mirror realism and the dynamics of user behaviour. Touchless system operation takes two forms, which constitute the core of our applications

The principles behind touchless system operation is based on use of a camera with motion sensor, which transfers data to the computer and monitor. The system can also be linked to any given LCD screen, video wall or projector. This connection means that the animation displayed changes with each movement in range of the camera.


Motionbox is a ground-breaking approach to multimedia contact. This original solution enables completely touchless interaction with the device, which means that the user does not need a mouse of keyboard to view content, and navigation is based on analysing the gestures of the person standing in front of the screen. Simple and appealing, it’s pure enjoyment to use. MotionBox can be used in conjunction with any LCD screen, video wall or projector.


DetectBox technology detects motion intuitively. The playback of a company’s animated film turns into a functional application when the presence of a user in front of the monitor is detected. Using gestures, information of interest can be obtained in an interesting and involving way.