Touch technology

Touch technology enables users to control applications using finger or stylus touch. This raises involvement and enables them to review the information displayed on the screen, where they can obtain content which is interesting to them, shortening the time needed to search.

Touch applications are programs used to manage the content displayed on special touch screens or monitors, which are mounted on tripods, suspended on walls in showrooms or installed in the interior design at events. They can be mounted individually or grouped into a large-format video monitor which becomes part of the surroundings. Thanks to the exceptional applications designed by Exaity you can make full use of their capabilities, offering users an interesting way to find out about content, e.g. through rotating a 3D product model or free configuration.

We create effective menus, appealing product presentations, quizzes, competitions and market research, which can serve as sales support at fairs or events, and also at your head office.