Shopping Centres

Exaity’s interactive products are ideal for modern shopping centres. Controlled by motion and touch, they provide entertainment and advertising services, or serve as a guide.

Depending on their intended use, they can constitute a stand-along attraction drawing the attention of customers, or can be used as support for the centre’s marketing and advertising campaigns, enriching shop fronts. They are an effective and appealing marketing tool with unlimited scope for application.

Exaity systems can be remote controlled, and their content is adapted to client preferences, providing users with the latest attractions. They are also perfect for unconventional decor which changes with the seasons of the year, upcoming holidays or special events – they do not require any architectural or decorative adaptation. We offer a range of interactive changing rooms, product configurators, information displays, catalogues and a variety of other imaginative applications – and all of this in an effective form which engages the audience.

Embrace innovative solutions – your customers will appreciate it!