Multimedia kiosk

The multimedia kiosk is an interactive information point which enables self-service provision of information, research, marketing and advertising services in public locations. It contains software which can be adapted to ticket sales (airports, railway stations), customer service (banks, government offices), support for marketing campaigns (retail centres) or internet browsing. The multimedia kiosk can be used as a stand-alone device or connected to the screen of a touchscreen computer, which enables easy device support and communication with the user, and allows the use of peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, speakers, camera, ultra red port, USB or card reader. It is extraordinarily simply and intuitive to use – it can be controlled via touching icons displayed on the screen, which are used to select information of interest to the user. This modern and attractive solution enables the loading and use of any given multimedia application, including films, photo albums, maps, catalogues and games. Multimedia information kiosks are unconventional and attention-grabbing media, providing a unique way of communicating with customers. 

They underscore the company’s state-of-the-art image, at the same time raising the quality of services on offer. As an information and marketing tool enabling interactive communication with audiences, they streamline the acquisition of customer details and preferences, support the organisation and implementation of promotional campaigns, and offer a modern, intelligent form of information distribution.