Interactive wall

The Exaity interactive wall transforms what was previously empty space into an interactive billboard which reacts to the movements and gestures of passers-by, attracting their attention in the most unconventional of ways. It is a highly innovative solution which is ideal for large-scale businesses – retail centres, airports and museums, alongside exhibitions and concerts.

Since it draws the attention of passers-by, it can be used as a cutting-edge marketing and promotion tool, encouraging potential customers to find out more about your content and even to play games. The interactive wall uses an intelligent image projection system, which changes the content when movement is detected, enabling full user interaction with the images on display. We have a wide range of state-of-the-art multimedia presentations developed using unconventional interactive animations based on films, 3D models and an augmented reality system, which can also be accompanied by sound.

Innovative form of advertising helps build the image of a forward-looking company embracing modern technology, which at its core is open to the latest non-standard, modern solutions. The interactive wall can be used as the central attraction in a marketing campaign, or as support for pre-existing advertising activities.