Interactive museum

Museum exhibits aim to be interesting, arouse interest and inspire visitors, encouraging them to think and reflect. In a modern museum it is worth using the latest information technologies to present collections and reach out to a wider audience. This type of museum will draw in visitors, preventing them from walking past an exhibit indifferently, and engaging them mentally to become active participants.

This is not easy to achieve, taking into consideration the seriousness of the location and its specific nature – we cannot allow it to become another venue for entertainment lacking in significance. Thanks to Exaity’s solutions everything is achievable – there are no places you cannot reach, no exhibits you cannot see from up close or pictures where the details are invisible to the naked eye. The world’s best museums use innovative technologies enabling visitors to fully explore and gain unlimited access to their collections, decreasing their distance from what is on show and giving them direct contact with art.

Our interactive stands, walls, floors and touchscreen infokiosks ensure cutting-edge assistance in developing presentations and exhibitions, providing information, involvement and deepening the user’s knowledge. We offer professional, interactive catalogues, guides, maps, close-ups for exhibit items in the form of 3D objects, and virtual walks.

We make anything possible!