Interactive floor

Interactive floor is an innovative presentation solution, where multimedia content is combined with user movement to create interaction. Animations and visual effects are displayed on a flat floor surface. These react and change in response to user movements, in line with the animation storyline. The effects which can be achieved on the floor depend on the user. The range of ideas for unusual interactive visualisations inspired by movement are endless.

The possibilities of interactive floor are unlimited, and this solution is perfect for a wide range of club or corporate events, attracting participant attention in a visually appealing way. It is also perfect as an original marketing tool to add variety to brand promotion campaigns, in shopping centres, retail outlets, fairs and conferences, and also at recording studios or cultural centres.

Our services are aimed both at advertising and marketing agencies, which can successfully use our solutions during thieir campaigns, as well as at individual clients, who can use interactive floor to refresh the image of their shop, hotel or restaurant.