Interactive education

Education through play has a positive impact on children’s development and interests, expands their imagination, encourages thinking and activity, and at the same time brings joy and creative ideas. An interactive teaching system is an optimal solution in pre-schools, child development centres and other locations where children spend time, such as shopping centres and children’s stores.

Exaity turns a normal game into a unique experience, and simple actions into interactive contact with educational content, meaning that children will not just use their bodies, but their minds as well. The most popular system among young children, which has frequently been used in cinemas and shopping centres of late, is an interactive floor equipped with dedicated applications, which provides games and education, giving parents the chance to do their shopping or spend time waiting for a film.

Interactive floor and video walls fitted with applications and games which interest children are a great idea for attracting new customers, since children are loyal fans who will persuade their parents to visit their favourite shopping centre. However, the capabilities of Exaity systems are greater.

We offer an interesting and appealing way to present courses available at universities using an interactive admissions assistant. This solution has already been used and has enjoyed significant interest during open days at universities. It is an attractive and effective way to raise awareness among prospective students of the opportunities offered by a university, alongside its history and academic staff.

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