The virtual assistant is a modern hostess guaranteeing effective marketing of products and services. With the impression of being a real person, the assistant is an intriguing way of drawing customers’ attention. It may take almost any given shape – a beautiful woman, handsome man, cartoon character – to create positive feelings in customers and encourage them to stop and look. It is an unusual and original way to project advertising content, information and messages, which are displayed using a completely new method. Your message is conveyed in such a way that it will not only be memorable, but will contribute to interest in and sales of your products. What’s more, the virtual assistant never gets tired, always has a smile and is available to support customers whenever they need it.

Our virtual assistant reacts to the movements of passers-by and invites them to interact. It demonstrates its full capabilities when detecting a user who, shocked at the reaction of the virtual person, is even more willing to view the content displayed. The information provided to the audience may be varied, depending on objectives and the purpose of the exhibit.

The virtual assistant is an ideal solution for museums, cinemas, car showrooms, shopping centres, hotels and all locations where you want to raise public interest in your message.

The virtual assistant has a wide range of applications, through installation in a shopping centre as a signpost telling customers how to get to a given shop, as an interactive information point, a presenter of historic events at a museum, to a virtual tour guide around a given location. The virtual assistant is also perfect as sales support, informing customers about new products, trends and special offers.

The Exaity virtual world is at your fingertips!