Innovative museum

Exaity has entered the world of high culture, installing an interactive system at the Royal Palace in Wroclaw. From among the bids submitted, ours was selected by the director of the City Museum, Maciej Łagiewski. The application is on display in the building’s main hall at ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego. It provides a new aspect to the exhibitions and items on show, enabling inaccessible objects to be seen and halls to be visited without moving an inch. Thanks to the interactive map nothing will be missed – you can find an item of interest to you and examine it up close. Developments in modern technology have led to significant changes in the capabilities for exhibitions. 3D technology, mobile devices, augmented reality and a wide range of other solutions create a new, fresh way of viewing cultural heritage, encouraging people to visit museums and view their collections.

Modern museums count on cutting-edge technology, and Exaity is ready for the challenge.

More information can be found in this article.