Interactive event solutions

    Our solutions are perfect for large-scale events, exhibitions, product launches, conferences and concerts. Our applications provide unique added value to your event.

Sales of interactive systems

     We also provide interactive stands, interactive walls, multimedia kiosks and interactive flooring. Our range of innovative products and services is sure to have something for you.

Interactive Application Development

We create advanced graphics, visual effects, animations, interactive games and 3D visualisations (virtual walks), alongside standard presentations and modelling of people, buildings and other objects.

Mission and vision

High-class modern IT products and services

 We are breaking new ground in the interactive touchless and touch solutions market. Our mission is to provide high-class modern IT products and services, which contribute to the success of our clients, increase their effectiveness and recognition, and build their reputations as forward-thinking and open to new developments.

New channel for communication with customers

 We teach, provide information and entertain, creating a new channel for communication with customers. Thanks to our efforts, limitless imagination and broad knowledge, we are able to create the most sophisticated applications which will draw the attention and imagination of almost anyone. Exaity is uniquely positioned between IT and cutting-edge advertising, using the skills of its highly-qualified programmers, the extraordinary talent of its graphic designers and the experience of its management executives to offer non-standard and comprehensive interactive solutions.

Fulfil the expectations

 Our core mission is to fulfil the expectations of our clients through creating bespoke products tailored to their needs and capabilities, and guaranteeing that our services are always of the very highest quality.

Cutting-edge personnel

 We strive to bring together the most specialised team possible – people who are bound by their passion and creative thinking. A cutting-edge company has cutting-edge personnel, who are ready for challenges and constitute an inexhaustible source of ideas and capabilities.

Innovative solutions

 Exaity pursues its mission through the use of innovative solutions, constant improvements to hardware, expanded employee qualifications and ever more in-depth knowledge about the very latest technologies.

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